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Can You Use Natural Stone in a Bathroom?

By February 15, 2021March 25th, 2022Design, Space Planning
natural stone tub, and countertop in bathroom

For centuries, natural stone materials like marble, slate, and granite have symbolized power and wealth when used in construction and interior spaces. Only the wealthiest citizens in ancient Greece, Italy, and Persia could afford to have a craftsman mine, transport, cut, and install these materials in a building. 

While stone is more accessible today, it’s still considered a high-end building material. If you want to give the bathroom in your commercial space a look and feel that will be unforgettable and transform the space, you might want to consider natural stone. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural Stone

Given that bathrooms are high-traffic areas in any building, your choice in building materials matters. Here are the pros and cons of using stone in a commercial bathroom. 

Advantages of Natural Stone

The main advantage of using  stone in a bathroom is that it makes a bold statement of style and elegance. Since every piece of stone is unique, your business will never have a space that looks exactly like another. 

Beyond aesthetics, most natural stone is incredibly durable. Considering this, it’s easy to justify the cost of quality because the materials will retain their value and last much longer than inferior products. 

Disadvantages of Natural Stone

The main disadvantage of natural stone is its cost. Depending on the type of stone you choose, the costs can vary widely when you consider materials and installation. 

Stone must also be sealed, or it won’t have the durability you want. It can even become slippery and pose a hazard. When it comes to flooring, natural stone isn’t quite as durable as ceramic tile. 

The Best Natural Stone Materials in a Bathroom

Few things look as stunning as  stone in a bathroom. Here are a few of the materials you can use in your next project:


Marble has been used for years in bathrooms, and it continues to work well as a material for walls, floors, and shower surrounds. The material is susceptible to scratching, however, from acidic cleaners. 


Granite is one of the hardest stones you can choose, and it is a stylish and durable choice for bathroom countertops. 


Travertine is an excellent material for floors or any environment that might experience frequent spills. 


Slate is another material that can work for a bathroom floor, but you must seal the stone frequently.


Onyx is a rare stone that is also more fragile. But the effect it produces can be stunning. 

How to Maintain Natural Stone After Installation

Once you install natural stone in your commercial space, it must be properly maintained. For example, grout around porcelain tiles will darken if not cleaned regularly. And most stone should be resealed annually. 

Thinking About Remodeling Your Commercial Space?

Stone works well in a bathroom whether you are creating an inviting space for a home, office space, or commercial clients. If you are thinking about remodeling your commercial space, we can help. 

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