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Benefits of Preventative Maintenance for Your Business Property  

Electrician performing preventative maintenance in business property

Preventative maintenance is simply a part of owning a property. If you own a business or commercial property, taking care of the premises is even more critical. Failure to maintain your building and property could result in costly repairs, deterioration, and damage.  

Here is what business and property owners should know: 

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance 

Preventive maintenance involves taking routine care of your investment, assets, and facilities. The goal of preventative maintenance is to avoid costly breakdowns or issues related to operation and function. Failure to maintain a property can result in small inconveniences at first, but they could grow into big problems that impact your revenues, business, or bottom line.  

What to Maintain 

The specific systems and facilities that you need to maintain depend on the type of property and/or business that you own. Each has different priorities and needs- so speak with a maintenance contractor or professional to learn more. Owners typically need to maintain the following to preserve the value of their property:  

Any Structures  

First things first: assess and inspect any buildings or structures on your property. These should be stable, sturdy, and clean- including aspects like eaves, awnings, walls, and architectural components. Cracks, damage, or deterioration should be noted and addressed, with the help of a qualified contractor.  

The Roof 

All preventative maintenance plans should start with a thorough inspection of the roof. After all, your roof is intended to protect structures, as well as items and individuals inside. Enlist a roofing contractor to examine the gutters, shingles, tile, and drains to make sure your roof is functioning properly to reduce the risk of a leak. 

Windows & Doors 

While you are at it, have the doors and windows checked each year, too. Cracks or gaps could be costing you every month in lost energy. Sometimes, replacing windows or doors with more modern ones can lower utility costs over time.  

Light Fixtures 

When light fixtures or systems fail, you run the risk of someone sustaining an injury from a fall. Look closely at upgrading current fixtures to accommodate LED, which last longer, use less energy, and that could save you money over the long run. Plus, they are gentler on the environment.  

Critical Systems 

Preventative care and maintenance are particularly important when it comes to the critical systems that your business or property relies on daily. Here are a few: 

  • Make sure to inspect your electrical system thoroughly every couple of years. Only hire a professional electrical contractor to perform this- or any repairs- for you.  
  • The plumbing system needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Many times, you won’t know something is wrong until it is too late, and damage has occurred. This includes any kitchen plumbing or restrooms, too.  
  • The HVAC system– heating, ventilation, and air conditioning- needs to be evaluated by a qualified professional twice a year to ensure no malfunction. Have the system inspected yearly to make sure the heat works in winter and the air conditioning functions in the heat of summer. 
  • Don’t forget about the fire alarm system. Service fire extinguishers annually and conduct inspections to alert you of any fire hazards or risks. Check the sprinkler system routinely.  

Equipment & Machinery 

The manufacturer of your distinct equipment and machinery will offer recommendations regarding preventative maintenance and operation. Follow these guidelines.  

Preventative maintenance is key to avoiding problems that could impact your business or commercial space. To learn more about taking routine care of your property in the Charleston area, talk to a premier commercial space planning, improvement, and construction company, Carolina Services Inc. Call or visit us today to schedule maintenance and prevent problems at your property.