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Office worker unhappy uncomfortable at work employees dislike workspace

What Your Employees Dislike About Their Office Space  

By Office Design

When employees and staff are comfortable and happy, they are more productive, according to industry experts. So, what is it that employees hate about their office space? More importantly, what can you do to improve their satisfaction and increase productivity?   Ergonomics  Sitting at a desk or workstation takes a toll on the body. When desks and chairs are not positioned properly and ergonomically, employees are likely to feel sore, stiff, and fatigued. Give back to those that give to your business by…

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Coworkers working happily together in business office in person

3 Reasons Business Offices Are Still Important  

By Commercial Space

The conventional idea of work and business offices have changed over the past several years, and more people are working from the comfort of home. So, why is the traditional office still sticking around, and what are the overall benefits of such settings anymore?   Three reasons why business offices are still important are:  Socialization  Sure, the break from office politics is nice, but many look forward to the social aspects of their business workplace. Many people consider their colleagues to be their…

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Electrician performing preventative maintenance in business property

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance for Your Business Property  

By commercial real estate

Preventative maintenance is simply a part of owning a property. If you own a business or commercial property, taking care of the premises is even more critical. Failure to maintain your building and property could result in costly repairs, deterioration, and damage.   Here is what business and property owners should know:  Benefits of Preventative Maintenance  Preventive maintenance involves taking routine care of your investment, assets, and facilities. The goal of preventative maintenance is to avoid costly breakdowns or issues related to…

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Construction worker office renovation cost commercial construction

How Much Would Your Office Renovation Cost? 

By Construction

If you have been thinking of updating or upgrading your workspace, it can be helpful to know what such office renovations cost, to better plan and budget. Experts suggest that you prioritize the needs of your space, i.e., new flooring, roof repair, etc., to ensure your budget stretches to cover the costs of the prime goals first, before moving on.   So, how much would your office renovation cost? Here are some basic things to know:  Size   It all comes down to…

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Business office space chairs renovation ideas accent wall

6 Renovation Ideas for Your Business

By Office Design

Is it time to make a change at work? Stay on top of your industry or niche with renovation ideas to update and enhance your business.   Consider these 6 renovation ideas for your business or company:  1. Create Drama  One way to refurbish a space is with a dramatic focal point. This brings something fresh and different to your business, one that many customers may not have seen before. Attract passers-by with a distinctive feature or element, such as:   Accent walls  Fresh staircase…

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Employees working socializing office space

How Much Office Space Do You Need?

By Space Planning

When configuring and planning your workplace, how much office space do you need? Naturally, there are many factors that come into play- and your needs are contingent on your industry, size of staff, and more. Too little space may hamper productivity, while too much space can be costly. When it comes to finding and designing a functional and productive space, here is what you should know:  Workspace  When you consider your office options, it is important to know the square footage. Typically, the…

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Office with big windows plants wood floors sustainable eco-friendly

How Your Building Can be Made Sustainable

By Green Construction

Sustainability should be a vital and compelling objective of any business or building. The benefits extend beyond your carbon footprint, though sustainable properties do contribute to being more eco-friendly.   Benefits of making your building more sustainable include these:  Sustainability is gentler and kinder to the earth. Buildings comprise nearly 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions, so to cut CO2 emissions, strive to be more sustainable.   Sustainable buildings are typically healthier environments for your staff, team, and loved ones. A healthier work…

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End of construction handshake job finished

What to Expect at the End of Construction

By commercial construction

So, what happens when a big renovation, repair, or construction project is finally finished? Is there a process or protocol that signals the end of construction? When construction work is completed, there are a few steps that clients and consumers should be aware of before they begin to enjoy the fruits of their labor and construction investment.   Some things to expect at the end of construction are:  End of Construction Paperwork  A sign that the job is coming to an end is…

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Why and How Should You Renovate Your Office?

By commercial construction

Is it time to renovate your office or workplace? Wondering how to start? It can seem daunting to renovate or update an existing workspace, while still attending to the day’s duties, serving customers, and engaging in business, but there are some ways to upgrade without interfering with work. First things first- what are some of the reasons why it is time to upgrade and update your office? Here are a few: To demonstrate that you are up to date with the times….

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Accessible office setting wheelchair sign language interpreter

How to Make Your Workplace More Accessible

By ADA Compliance

Accessibility can be a real problem for people with physical limitations, and it is estimated that nearly 61 million Americans do. According to a 2021 study, the number of people with disabilities who are active in the workforce is growing. So, how can you make your workplace more accessible?  When it comes to issues of accessibility, here is what you can do: Recognize Accessibility Barriers The first thing that you need to do is to recognize when something is a barrier…

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