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Flood Protection for Commercial Real Estate

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Like any other property, commercial buildings are at risk of damage from catastrophic weather events that can produce flooding. Depending on your location and the season, losses caused by hurricanes and tornadoes are possibilities. But seasonal storms with their heavy winds, rain, and lightning strikes can also bring flooding concerns.  Few areas in the United States don’t have a risk of floods, but South Carolina’s risk is greater than some. National Geographic reports that floods are responsible for about 140…

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Improve Your Bottom Line with Safe Budget Cuts

By commercial development

Businesses operating in the for-profit sector rely on profits for growth and survival. Profitability, or optimizing the bottom line, is essential to expanding operations, securing financing, attracting investors, retaining a quality workforce, buying inventory and remaining competitive. Indeed, for all organizations large and small, controlling expenses, including office expenses, is both prudent and necessary. As Sam Walton said, “Control your expenses better than your competition. This is where you can always find the competitive advantage.” Ideas to Improve Your Bottom…

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How Good is the Job Market in Charleston, SC?

By Charleston SC

Who doesn’t like a good deal? No one, right? A good deal means a good value, a favorable opportunity, a positive situation, a pleasing outcome. You’ve got all of those in Charleston, SC. A wonderfully livable city and plenty of good jobs in Charleston make this a very desirable area in 2020. Charleston is a Good Deal For the past five years, SmartAsset, a financial technology company, has published a study about “undervalued cities,” meaning that real estate property values…

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Charleston, SC, an Undervalued but Not Underrated City

By Charleston

The term “undervalued” sounds negative, but in a real estate or financial sense, being undervalued is a very good thing, meaning that real estate property has greater value than its cost.  In other words, a good deal; a bargain. On top of that, Charleston is highly regarded as a great place to buy a home and a delightful place to live. For four years running, SmartAsset, a financial technology company, has published a study about undervalued cities. For the last…

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Great and Easy Updates for Your Office

By Office Design

Are you thinking about a remodel office project? While a bigger space may be necessary for a growing company, sometimes making the existing space better, more efficient and more appealing is a great way to go, with an attractive payback. The Benefits of a Renovation Consider these renovation benefits for your remodel office endeavor: Enhance employee satisfaction and happiness. Improve the company’s image and leverage branding efforts. Create a stronger company culture. Achieve added work productivity and efficiency. Attract added…

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