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How Good is the Job Market in Charleston, SC?

By | Charleston SC

Who doesn’t like a good deal? No one, right? A good deal means a good value, a favorable opportunity, a positive situation, a pleasing outcome. You’ve got all of those in Charleston, SC. A wonderfully livable city and plenty of good jobs in Charleston make this a very desirable area in 2020. Charleston is a Good Deal For the past five years, SmartAsset, a financial technology company, has published a study about “undervalued cities,” meaning that real estate property values…

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Charleston, SC, an Undervalued but Not Underrated City

By | Charleston

The term “undervalued” sounds negative, but in a real estate or financial sense, being undervalued is a very good thing, meaning that real estate property has greater value than its cost.  In other words, a good deal; a bargain. On top of that, Charleston is highly regarded as a great place to buy a home and a delightful place to live. For four years running, SmartAsset, a financial technology company, has published a study about undervalued cities. For the last…

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Great and Easy Updates for Your Office

By | Office Design

Are you thinking about a remodel office project? While a bigger space may be necessary for a growing company, sometimes making the existing space better, more efficient and more appealing is a great way to go, with an attractive payback. The Benefits of a Renovation Consider these renovation benefits for your remodel office endeavor: Enhance employee satisfaction and happiness. Improve the company’s image and leverage branding efforts. Create a stronger company culture. Achieve added work productivity and efficiency. Attract added…

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