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Coming Soon! Hanahan Boardwalk Construction Breaks Ground

By November 4, 2020March 25th, 2022Charleston, Charleston SC, Economic Growth, Tourism
Hanahan pinned on a map of South Carolina, USA

The city of Hanahan will be getting a new boardwalk to connect the Hanahan Amphitheater and the Bettis Boat Landing. When the project is complete, it promises to bring new opportunities for businesses and residents of the area. 

New Hanahan Boardwalk Construction is Underway

After some initial delays, there is now plenty of progress underway on the new Hanahan boardwalk project. According to City Administrator Mike Cochran, the plans for the project were first proposed in 2018. But there was a long series of steps involved in winning permits that slowed momentum on the $300,000 project – until now. 

The permitting process is now complete, and construction is moving forward. The new boardwalk will connect the city’s boat ramp to its amphitheater and is located behind Trident Technical College. It will be roughly 300 feet long and measure 10 feet wide. This provides more recreational opportunities for residents, and it’s also more practical for people who want to park in one area and walk to the other. 

Some residents and visitors to Hanahan like to use the trails around the reservoir, which don’t connect. This forces them onto city streets with traffic and athletic fields. The new boardwalk solved much of this issue by connecting some of those trails. 

And let’s not forget the fisherman and picnickers. Parts of the reservoirs banks aren’t necessarily safe due to the presence of alligators and heavy boat traffic. The boardwalk provides additional elevation, allowing everyone to enjoy what the area has to offer. 

Other Improvements on Tap in the Hanahan Area

Since the city of Hanahan opened its last new athletic field in 2003, its population has more than doubled. Then, the population was just over 13,000, and it is now at 27,000. 

The Hanahan boardwalk is an exciting development for residents and businesses. But, there’s more on the horizon for the area. 

This project is just part of a $1 million investment that the city has made in its recreation infrastructure, which includes recently completed renovations of two additional athletic fields that will be used for soccer, baseball, and softball. 

The city also hopes to break ground on a new 53-acre recreation complex next year in Tanner Plantation. There will also be a city-wide referendum on the Nov. 3 ballot asking Hanahan citizens to approve $13 million to improve and upgrade recreation facilities across the area.  

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