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6 Renovation Ideas for Your Business

Business office space chairs renovation ideas accent wall

Is it time to make a change at work? Stay on top of your industry or niche with renovation ideas to update and enhance your business.  

Consider these 6 renovation ideas for your business or company: 

1. Create Drama 

One way to refurbish a space is with a dramatic focal point. This brings something fresh and different to your business, one that many customers may not have seen before. Attract passers-by with a distinctive feature or element, such as:  

  • Accent walls 
  • Fresh staircase treatment 
  • Bringing natural elements inside 
  • Custom cabinetry 
  • New counters and countertops 
  • Luxury accents  
  • High end appliance and fixtures 

It makes sense to figure out what your dramatic element will be before making other renovations or refurbishments to the space. Talk to your contractor to learn more.  

2. Focus on Flooring 

Look down- what are your floors like? This is an often-overlooked feature of a business that does not go unnoticed by your clientele. Choose flooring that is easy to clean, and that will be durable in high-traffic areas of your space. Do you need the floor to be resilient to water? What about slip-proof? These are aspects to consider prior to renovating. An investment in premium flooring for a commercial building or business will provide a return in convenience, athletics, and safety.  

3. Change the Lighting 

It is amazing the difference that good lighting can provide. Also, LED offers energy efficiency, less maintenance, and a longer life. By lighting up your business, sales floor, office space, or other commercial area, you may see an increase in customer traffic as well as an improvement in the overall aesthetics of your property. Don’t forget about exterior lighting, too!  

4. Solicit Input & Feedback 

Don’t try to go it alone. Talk to your staff, team, residents, and colleagues about ways to improve and restore your property. Each person that you ask may have observations or perspectives that are different than yours, which can bring valuable insight into the renovation process. Hearing out your staff can improve company morale, too, and demonstrates that your employees’ opinions are important.  

5. Save Some Money 

Focus on the most pressing areas of your renovation first to ensure you have the funds to complete the project. Enhancing curb appeal may be the most effective way to get new customers in your doors, while an inexpensive coat of paint may be all that is needed to enhance your office spaces. Look at renovations that will improve efficiency in terms of the energy and utilities that your business uses each month, like new LED fixtures or programmable thermostats.  

Save money on renovation expenses with recyclable materials. Talk to a contractor to find more ways to curb your costs. 

6. Work with a Pro 

When it comes to renovating your business, call us first. We specialize in commercial space planning and construction- we do it all! Call or visit Carolina Services Inc, located in Charleston, SC, to make the most of your renovation budget.