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5 Ways to Determine If Your Office Needs More Space

Cluttered desk office needs more space

When an office needs more space, it can impact productivity. However, too much office space can also cause issues related to the costs of waste. So, how do you configure and decide if it is time to grow?  

Here are 5 tips for determining if your office needs more space: 

1. Determine who in the office needs more space 

Who needs more room in your workplace? Listen to staff suggestions, concerns, and complaints when trying to figure out who needs more space. When doing the math, consider if any staff spend less time in the office- such as remote workers- and if working offsite makes the most sense for some. If someone is not coming into the office regularly, share workspaces to allow area for other functions. Many staffers do not mind sharing space, depending on scheduling.  

2. Measure the size of your spaces 

Do you know what you are working with? Start by measuring the size of your spaces accurately and precisely. Remember that it is important to allow for collaborative space, so provide room for collaboration and engagement after every five or six desks or workspaces. Depending on the size of your staff, this is significant.  

3. Try and try again  

Sure, figuring, configuring, and reconfiguring can take some energy, but experimenting with different layouts is really the best predictor of what will work best for your distinct office or workplace. This also helps you gain firsthand knowledge regarding your workspace and what you have. Staff typically get enthusiastic about these projects, particularly if the end-goal is to make the office more functional, convenient, and productive- not to mention, many may get more space from the effort.  

4. Visualize various layouts  

It is time to visualize a layout of your workplace, so get creative. Think about things like traffic flow, design elements, and storage when configuring workspaces. Also, allow for communal areas- like conference rooms, classrooms, and break rooms- in your plan. Consider various layouts and new approaches to find the perfect fit for your staff and workspace.  

5. Consider a future friendly workspace 

Don’t forget about the future when planning and preparing workspaces today. Is growth a goal of yours? It is important to consider what your business may look like later, in five or ten years, for instance. It may be that the time to invest and transition to a larger space. If your plan is to increase your staff, you will need more room- or at the very least, clever solutions when your office needs space. Experts advise adding around 15% more space to your workplace to accommodate growth and expansion.  

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