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5 Commercial Office Space Design Ideas

5 Commercial Office Space Design Ideas

The appearance of your commercial office suggests to potential customers and clients the success of your business, as well as its values. For example, a unique design suggests creativity, and a clean, uncluttered space says your business is professional. Furthermore, the right layout can increase the productivity and efficiency of your business! To help you jump-start the design process, we at Carolina Services Inc have composed this list of 5 commercial office space design ideas.

1.Clear Some Floor Space

Offices have a finite amount of floor space, and as a business expands that area may soon become a maze of crowded desks and filing cabinets. Custom made, wall mounted cabinets create a single spot for storage while freeing up floor space and removing clutter from desk areas.

2. Turn the Tables

What an employee sees from his or her desk can have a profound effect on productivity. This has been proven by recent studies of biophilia – that is, the natural human response to nature. These studies have found that orienting work spaces so that they face windows, plants, a koi pond, or another element of nature leads to a decrease in employee stress levels and increase of creative output. Placing break spaces and restrooms behind employees also prevents distractions and the temptation to take an unnecessary break from work.

3. Open up the Work Area

Consider open work spaces, especially in departments that require a lot of collaboration between employees. With the high mobility of modern technology it is no longer necessary for workers to be stationed at one area with a bulky desktop computer. That means that an individual desk is not required for each worker – instead, a few large tables can serve as “group desks” that allow employees to interact and exchange ideas. This type of open floor plan works best when a room or alcove is set aside for private meetings and telephone calls.

4.Update the Cubicle

In the past, offices provided their employees with moderate privacy by using cubicles – but these appear unimaginative and uninteresting. One of the most stylish office space design ideas is to use glass room dividers in lieu of classic cubicles. Glass room dividers can be clear or tinted and frosted to offer more privacy. A company’s logo can even be etched into the design, making a dull office space look impressive and professional. And like cubicles, a room divider can be moved to accommodate more desks and work areas.

5. Go Bold With Color

Most office furniture is available in neutral shades of black, gray, and beige, and many commercial offices use this same dull color palette when decorating their reception area and choosing wall paint colors. But with a fresh coat of bright paint – even if only on one accent wall – an office can take on a more creative, youthful appearance.


Need more guidance? Contact us today! At Carolina Services Inc we offer a space planning service to create a custom design for your office, as well as the construction services to make the plan a reality. From painting, to drywall installation, to adding acoustic ceilings, we are equipped to help you design an office space that is efficient, productive, and impressive.

Photo courtesy of: Phil Manker