3 Things to Keep in Mind during Your Church Restoration Project

church restoration

Like any construction project, church restoration projects need to be carefully thought through in order to ensure the best possible, sustainable outcome for your space. Design and budget are often the first two concepts discussed when planning a church restoration project; however, there are other aspects that you will want to think through as well.

How do leadership goals affect our church restoration project?

There are several reasons why a church building may be in need of restoration: a need for additional space, a need for updated design, or a need for increased safety and durability of the building. Regardless of the reason, before tackling the restoration, it is important to consider the goals of current and future church leadership. Is the goal to maintain the church’s current size and design aesthetic, or does your leadership want to increase the size of the congregation and update the design as well? Regardless of your needs, we are here to help you think through achieving your short-term needs while also thinking towards the future.

How can we anticipate growth?

The Lowcountry population is growing rapidly. With the increased population, many buildings are in need of expansion to keep up with the increased growth. If you are already considering a restoration for safety or design reasons, you may want to consider an expansion project along with it. Choosing to expand prior to reaching maximum capacity allows you to have more control over the project and also helps to keep the current congregation more comfortable by not overcrowding.

What technological considerations should we make during our church restoration project?

As society continues to embrace new technologies, churches are often embracing these same means to reach and communicate with their congregation. Many groups consider increasing the technological readiness of their space when completing a new church restoration project. In doing so, things that need to be considered are electrical wiring, lighting, and visibility of technological media such as kiosks, signage, and electronic announcements.

Regardless of your needs with your next church restoration project, the staff at Carolina Services is available to help you and your congregation make the most of the project while also staying within your budget. Our goal for restoration projects it to begin with the end result in mind: giving you, our customer, the most beautiful church, parish, chapel or place of worship that we can while keeping the costs to reasonable means.

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