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3 Reasons Business Offices Are Still Important  

Coworkers working happily together in business office in person

The conventional idea of work and business offices have changed over the past several years, and more people are working from the comfort of home. So, why is the traditional office still sticking around, and what are the overall benefits of such settings anymore?  

Three reasons why business offices are still important are: 


Sure, the break from office politics is nice, but many look forward to the social aspects of their business workplace. Many people consider their colleagues to be their friends and could genuinely miss them during remote work. There is a business office culture that exists and that reinforces that socialization is one of the reasons why it is still important to attend a brick-and-mortar work site. Sometimes it is these casual and social interactions that spur ideas, promote change, or improve workplace morale.  

Furthermore, it is easier to integrate and train new hires on site, rather than rely on technology to do so. Some experiences and components of training are tactile, and much easier when taught face-to-face. It also helps to give the new employee a sense of the workplace culture and how they fit in. It is harder for supervisors to monitor and observe new staff and provide instruction when they are not physically present and available.  


You truly lose a sense of solidarity when working from home. When staff are convened together at a work site, the mission seems clearer. There is a fellowship that comes from working toward common goals and objectives; this is often lost when working remotely. This common ground and like mindedness can forge bonds and foster relationships that inspire productivity, creativity, and problem solving. Staff on the same page may find solutions to issues that arise cooperatively and collaboratively. This resource is lost when each staffer is ‘tuning-in’ from the comfort of their own homes.  

The concept of being part of a team can encourage motivation and a sense of pride in the work that is done. This may not be as compelling when the team work separately, off-site.  


There is another perk of being around coworkers and supervisors, which is a sense of satisfaction. This may come from completing a task or in receiving positive feedback regarding performance. It may be from the interpersonal relationships that you have with those working for the same company. It may be in providing a quality product or service to a buying audience that you have come to care about. There are numerous opportunities to gain pleasure and purpose throughout the day at the office- these are less evident and possibly not as rewarding when working independently at home. Satisfied employees are productive, which can lead to greater achievements and potentially improve revenues.  

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