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10 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Office 

woman spring cleaning office

With spring comes a newfound motivation to start fresh and get organized. Spring cleaning your office can help you get more done and be more productive- plus, it sets a tone that may help others tidy-up, too. There is usually less scrubbing and more de-cluttering and reorganizing involved in spring cleaning an office space. You may want to consider planning and design services that help you better configure your space for optimal productivity and comfort.

Use these ten tips to spring clean your office or workspace:

  1. Take Time to Get Inspired

Time spent looking for inspiration is not wasted; take the time to look at videos and blogs to find inspiration for clever cleaning and organizing ideas for your office. This can get you motivated for change, too.

  1. Start a List

Create a checklist to keep you on track and motivated for the tasks ahead. It can make the chores seem more manageable when you break them down on a list. Plus, checking items off the list can bring a great sense of achievement and encourage you to keep going.

  1. Set Small Goals

When compiling your list, break big tasks down into smaller, more viable projects. You may be trying to get your spring cleaning done in snippets of time throughout the day, so this approach accommodates that and still gets the job done.

  1. Think Ahead

When organizing or investing in fixtures for your office, consider what your needs will be later in the next year. This may cause you to rethink certain expenditures or remodeling, and it can help you focus on your own future development and growth, professionally and personally.

  1. Start with a Blank Slate

If your schedule and workplace allow, try to start with a clean slate when spring cleaning. Take as many items out of the space as you can to start- this will reveal what you are working with. Remove drawers, baskets, files- anything that you need to clean under or around, while getting rid of items you simply do not need or use.

  1. Create Dedicated Zones

Consider how you work in the run of a day: do you have specific zones in your office? Carve out an area to work on your computer, another space to sit and read, and perhaps a table with chairs for meetings. Depending on your job, creating dedicated zones can create a sense of order and function that may help your team get more done.

  1. Consider Comfort, Too

Don’t shirk on creature comforts in your office. Make sure that your prime workstation is comfortable and convenient to use- that is, assess your chair, desk height, ergonomics, and other elements that could impact your physical wellbeing and comfort over time. Reconfigure problematic or inconvenient arrangements.

  1. Go for Good Flow

A lot of offices and workplaces are adopting more open tactics to improve productivity and performance. Some good starting points are to position your desk and seat facing the door and to have unobstructed windows and doors to allow for plenty of natural lighting throughout the space. Also, add a few live plants throughout.

  1. Upgrade What You Use

If you use specific supplies or tools regularly, upgrade or update them! Since it is an item that you see often, replacing it with a more efficient or aesthetically pleasing variation can bring a bit of joy to the workday. Go ahead- you are worth it!

  1. Consider your Coworkers

Consider your coworkers when you are spring cleaning your office space. Not everyone is going to be a fan of the chaos and disruptions that deep-cleaning can bring, so be thoughtful and considerate when doing so. Also, be aware of others’ sensitivity to cleaning solutions or chemicals and ask before you use them in communal areas.

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